Transform the Classroom

Create assignments, share feedback and celebrate achievements seamlessly



Sharek motivates students to become the creators of their own educational content by providing the platform to shine.



Students share what they create with friends, parents and teachers. They can receive and provide ‘likes’ and feedback for extra encouragement.



Students learn numerous real-life skills by conducting research and presenting their findings. They acquire new knowledge by watching their friends' content.

Features Overview

Differentiating features to set your School apart

Student-led Learning

Give the power back to students, so that they can drive their own learning

1 Student learning is accelerated due to the Protégé Effect taking place; students learn best when teaching others.

2 Students can share learning content with their peers from different classes and schools.

3 Parents can use Sharek to support their child at home.

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Flip the Classroom

Make the most out of class time

Teachers can send videos that they create home or simply send a link, or ask students to research the content of their next lesson. Students can then upload their new learning to share with the class.

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Project-based Learning

Enable students to apply their learning to real life concepts

Students can use research to answer big questions such as: How can we predict what the world will be like in 30 years time? The platform makes it incredibly easy for teachers to provide PBL opportunities for their students to create and share projects. This leads to an increase in motivation and collaboration resulting in improved academic achievement.

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Lasting Benefits

The reasons why we are your school's new best friend
Increase Attainment

Increase Attainment

Join the growing community of schools realising tangible results using the Protége Effect.

Improve assessment

Improve assessment

Automatically collect an online evidence bank for each child.

Engage parents

Engage parents

Parents feel more connected to their child’s learning journey.

Profile of Learning

Raise the profile of learning

Students' achievements are promoted and celebrated.

Connected classrooms

Connected classrooms

Students can collaborate locally and globally.

Peer Assessment

Develop peer assessment

Pupils can interact in a safe online environment.

Reluctant Learners

Inspire reluctant learners

Reluctant learners are excited by sharing their work with a real audience.

Embed Innovation

Embed Innovation

Students become confident using a range of apps to teach others.

Reduce Workload

Reduce Teacher Workload

Assigning and assessing school work digitally saves so much time for teachers.

All inclusive pricing plans:

  • Dedicated customer support
  • Software fixes included
  • New features when available
  • No specical IT requirements needed
  • Easy deployment, get started immediately
  • Join a global network of Schools
  • Training from Sharek teachers
  • Ideas and lesson materials
All inclusive
AED6monthly per student

It is very exciting to see a Dubai-based education project that has the potential for a global audience!

Moving forward, Sharek could allow us to meaningfully collaborate with teachers, students, and leaders regionally and globally

Amin Tejpar, Senior Manager
EXPO 2020 Legacy Development & Impact
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